How to edit a element of theme ?
02/08/2020 02:48:46 176
To edit a element of theme, we support some default method method

Method FE-Code basic

FE-Code is collect of method for font-end. Font ender easy change all construct html and connect resource for him work

Keywords Name Description Construct Example Paramette
action return a method of a object action(object,method,variable 1,variable 2, …...) action("box","get","id=1") "object" is a string name of object, "method" is a method of object , "variable" is a parametter of that method
html add_html add a string to buff string add_html(string,name) add_html("<h1>Hello World</h1>","html_body_top")
array array return a array array([value_1][,value_2]…) array("String 1","String 2",{"name":"John","age":13}) "value_1","value_2" is a element of new array
build_menu return a stand menu from a array object build_menu(menu) a=array({"label":"Home","url":data("domain/home")});build_menu(a); "menu" is a variable type array
category, menu category return a menu of category type category(type) category("category_post") "type" is a string what name of type category, it mabe looklike "category_post","category_product" ….
category, menu category_top return a stand menu from id top category category_top(id_category) category_top(12) "id_category" is a number what is id of that category
ceil return a floor number of a number ceil(number) ceil(5/3)
data return or reset a global data data(keyname[,element_string][,new_value]) data("web/phone"),data("color/0")
file return a content of file file(name[,data][,config]) a=file("theme/box/logo") "name" is string name library,"data" is variable, "config" is variable
float return a float number from string float(string_number) float("12.13")
format return a stand format format(type,value) format("date",622929480) "type" is a string looklike "date","time","number","money" …
get return variable or element of it get(name[,keyname]) a={"name":"John","age":12};get(a,"name"); "name" is variable,"keyname" is element of that variable
html get_html return a string what you saved get_html(name) get_html("html_body_top")
html get_html_head return what you add from method set_html_head get_html_head() get_html_head()
get_url return a string encrypt what use for connect system get_url(string_parametter) get_url("type=html&file=theme/box/logo")
int return a integer number from string int(string_number) int("12a1")
json_decode return a array from json string json_decode(string_json) a="{'name':'John'}";b=json_decode(a);
json_encode return json format of a array json_encode(variable_array) a={"name":"John"};b=json_encode(a);
array merge return a array what merge from parametter array merge(array_1,array_2[,array_3][,array_4]) merge(a,b)
mod return a match what mod of 2 number parametter mod(number_1,number_2) mod(5,3)
output print write value of parametter print(value) print(a) "value" may be a string, number , method
set change value element of a variable set(variable,keyname,new_value) a={"name":"John"};set(a,"name","David")
html set_html_head add a string to auto_head of theme set_html_head(string[,id_name]) set_html_head("<style>body{background:#000;}</style>")
support return a library support support(name[,data][,config]) support("dl/box",{"title":"Hello","content":"This is testing string"}) "name" is string name library,"data" is variable, "config" is variable
output w write a value w( value) w("hello world"),w(a),w(int("13")) ,w(data("web/name")) "value" may be a string, number , method
output wfile write a content of file wfile(name[,data][,config]) wfile("theme/box/logo") "name" is string name library,"data" is variable, "config" is variable